Visible to the public User Credibility Assessment Based on Trust Propagation in Microblog

TitleUser Credibility Assessment Based on Trust Propagation in Microblog
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsWang, W., Xuan, S., Yang, W., Chen, Y.
Conference Name2019 Computing, Communications and IoT Applications (ComComAp)
Date PublishedOct. 2019
ISBN Number978-1-7281-1973-1
KeywordsClustering algorithms, Computing Theory, false social relationships, Fans, feature extraction, graph theory, Human Behavior, human factors, low trusted user, malicious users, Manuals, microblog, Microblog platform, microblog user credibility evaluation algorithm, Network topology, online social network, online social networking platform, optimisation, pruning algorithm, pubcrawl, seed node selection algorithm, Social network services, social networking (online), Trust, trust propagation, Trusted Computing, trustworthiness-based user credibility evaluation algorithm, two-way propagation trust scoring, Uniform resource locators, user credibility assessment, user social relationship graph

Nowadays, Microblog has become an important online social networking platform, and a large number of users share information through Microblog. Many malicious users have released various false news driven by various interests, which seriously affects the availability of Microblog platform. Therefore, the evaluation of Microblog user credibility has become an important research issue. This paper proposes a microblog user credibility evaluation algorithm based on trust propagation. In view of the high consumption and low precision caused by malicious users' attacking algorithms and manual selection of seed sets by establishing false social relationships, this paper proposes two optimization strategies: pruning algorithm based on social activity and similarity and based on The seed node selection algorithm of clustering. The pruning algorithm can trim off the attack edges established by malicious users and normal users. The seed node selection algorithm can efficiently select the highly available seed node set, and finally use the user social relationship graph to perform the two-way propagation trust scoring, so that the low trusted user has a lower trusted score and thus identifies the malicious user. The related experiments verify the effectiveness of the trustworthiness-based user credibility evaluation algorithm in the evaluation of Microblog user credibility.

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