Visible to the public Determination of Trustworthiness of Cloud Service Provider and Cloud Customer

TitleDetermination of Trustworthiness of Cloud Service Provider and Cloud Customer
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsChallagidad, P. S., Birje, M. N.
Conference Name2019 5th International Conference on Advanced Computing Communication Systems (ICACCS)
Keywordscloud computing, cloud customer, cloud service provider, Compliance Information, composability, Computational modeling, CSP trustworthiness, Dynamic Trust Evaluation Scheme, Monitoring, multidimensional dynamic trust evaluation scheme, pubcrawl, quality of service, service-oriented architecture, service-oriented computing environment, simulation, Stakeholders, Trust, Trusted Computing, trustworthiness, trustworthy CSP, web services
AbstractIn service-oriented computing environment (e.g. cloud computing), Cloud Customers (CCs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) require to calculate the trust ranks of impending partner prior to appealing in communications. Determining trustworthiness dynamically is a demanding dilemma in an open and dynamic environment (such as cloud computing) because of many CSPs providing same types of services. Presently, there are very less number of dynamic trust evaluation scheme that permits CCs to evaluate CSPs trustworthiness from multi-dimensional perspectives. Similarly, there is no scheme that permits CSPs to evaluate trustworthiness of CCs. This paper proposes a Multidimensional Dynamic Trust Evaluation Scheme (MDTES) that facilitates CCs to evaluate the trustworthiness of CSPs from various viewpoints. Similar approach can be employed by CSPs to evaluate the trustworthiness of CCs. The proposed MDTES helps CCs to choose trustworthy CSP and to have desired QoS requirements and CSPs to choose desired and legal CCs. The simulation results illustrate the MDTES is dynamic and steady in distinguishing trustworthy and untrustworthy CSPs and CCs.
Citation Keychallagidad_determination_2019