Visible to the public Multi-Robot System Based on Swarm Intelligence for Optimal Solution Search

TitleMulti-Robot System Based on Swarm Intelligence for Optimal Solution Search
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsAbabii, V., Sudacevschi, V., Braniste, R., Nistiriuc, A., Munteanu, S., Borozan, O.
Conference Name2020 International Congress on Human-Computer Interaction, Optimization and Robotic Applications (HORA)
Keywordsangular velocity control, Artificial neural networks, composability, compositionality, DC motor rotational speed, DC motors, Gradient Field, gradient methods, gradient vector, gradient vectors, mobile robots, Multi-Robot System, multi-robot systems, multirobot system, neurocontrollers, operation system, optimal solution search, particle swarm optimization, pubcrawl, radiation sources, radio-electro-magnetic devices, Search Space, Sensors, swarm intelligence, system structure, Systems engineering and theory, temperature generating sources, Vectors
AbstractThis work presents the results of the Multi-Robot System designing that works on the basis of Swarm Intelligence models and is used to search for optimal solutions. The process of searching for optimal solutions is performed based on a field of gradient vectors that can be generated by ionizing radiation sources, radio-electro-magnetic devices, temperature generating sources, etc. The concept of the operation System is based on the distribution in the search space of a multitude of Mobile Robots that form a Mesh network between them. Each Mobile Robot has a set of ultrasonic sensors for excluding the collisions with obstacles, two sensors for identifying the gradient vector of the analyzed field, resources for wireless storage, processing and communication. The direction of the Mobile Robot movement is determined by the rotational speed of two DC motors which is calculated based on the models of Artificial Neural Networks. Gradient vectors generated by all Mobile Robots in the system structure are used to calculate the movement direction.
Citation Keyababii_multi-robot_2020