Visible to the public An Adaptive Telerobotics Control for Advanced Manufacturing

TitleAn Adaptive Telerobotics Control for Advanced Manufacturing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsNasser, B., Rabani, A., Freiling, D., Gan, C.
Conference Name2018 NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS)
Date Publishedaug
Keywords5DOF robotic arm, adaptable operational process, adaptive telerobotics control, advanced manufacturing, advanced robot path planning, asynchronous file transfer, bandwidth control, camera device, compact reliable UDP, compact-RUDP, connection reliability, control arhitecture, control commands, control engineering computing, cutting tool, cutting tools, data channelling, data communication reliability, data feedback packets, data packet transfer prioritization, Data security, distributed decision making, file transfers, Human Behavior, human factors, image sensors, industrial manipulators, light sensor, link status monitoring, locally operated robots, Machining, media streaming, mobile robots, network communications, path planning, policy-based governance, production engineering computing, Protocols, pubcrawl, reliability, reliable operational process, Remote control, remotely operated robots, resilience, Resiliency, robot movements, robot operating systems, Robot sensing systems, robot teleoperation, robot vision, round-trip time, security, Servers, TCP-like sliding window, telecommunication network reliability, Teleoperation, telerobotics, telerobotics reasoning architecture, telerobotics reasoning networking, transport protocols, UDP packets, video stream, video streaming
AbstractThis paper explores an innovative approach to the telerobotics reasoning architecture and networking, which offer a reliable and adaptable operational process for complex tasks. There are many operational challenges in the remote control for manufacturing that can be introduced by the network communications and Iatency. A new protocol, named compact Reliable UDP (compact-RUDP), has been developed to combine both data channelling and media streaming for robot teleoperation. The original approach ensures connection reliability by implementing a TCP-like sliding window with UDP packets. The protocol provides multiple features including data security, link status monitoring, bandwidth control, asynchronous file transfer and prioritizing transfer of data packets. Experiments were conducted on a 5DOF robotic arm where a cutting tool was mounted at its distal end. A light sensor was used to guide the robot movements, and a camera device to provide a video stream of the operation. The data communication reliability is evaluated using Round-Trip Time (RTT), and advanced robot path planning for distributed decision making between endpoints. The results show 88% correlation between the remotely and locally operated robots. The file transfers and video streaming were performed with no data loss or corruption on the control commands and data feedback packets.
Citation Keynasser_adaptive_2018