Visible to the public An Overview of Robot Operating System Forensics

TitleAn Overview of Robot Operating System Forensics
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBasheer, M. M., Varol, A.
Conference Name2019 1st International Informatics and Software Engineering Conference (UBMYK)
Keywordsautonomous technologies, client-server connection, cyber-security, data privacy, digital forensics, digital investigation studies, Forensics, Human Behavior, human factors, Industries, Industry 4.0, open source operational environment, Operating systems, operating systems (computers), policy-based governance, privacy, pubcrawl, public domain software, resilience, Resiliency, Robot Operating System, robot operating system forensics, robot operating systems, robot programming, Robot sensing systems, ROS security, security, Service robots, vulnerabilities
AbstractAutonomous technologies have been rapidly replacing the traditional manual intervention nearly in every aspect of our life. These technologies essentially require robots to carry out their automated processes. Nowadays, with the emergence of industry 4.0, robots are increasingly being remote-controlled via client-server connection, which creates uncommon vulnerabilities that allow attackers to target those robots. The development of an open source operational environment for robots, known as Robot Operating System (ROS) has come as a response to these demands. Security and privacy are crucial for the use of ROS as the chance of a compromise may lead to devastating ramifications. In this paper, an overview of ROS and the attacks targeting it are detailed and discussed. Followed by a review of the ROS security and digital investigation studies.
Citation Keybasheer_overview_2019