Visible to the public Wireless Interrogation of High Temperature Surface Acoustic Wave Dynamic Strain Sensor

TitleWireless Interrogation of High Temperature Surface Acoustic Wave Dynamic Strain Sensor
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsLeff, D., Maskay, A., Cunha, M. P. da
Conference Name2020 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS)
Date Publishedsep
Keywordsacoustic coupling, acoustic wave, Aerodynamics, Bragg gratings, condition monitoring, condition-based maintenance, data acquisition, dynamic strain excitation, dynamic strain sensing, dynamic strain sensor, fibre optic sensors, frequency 288.8 MHz, high temperature surface acoustic wave dynamic strain sensor, high-temperature harsh-environment applications, high-temperature harsh-environment sensor, high-temperature wired commercial strain gauge, Human Behavior, monitoring dynamic strain, pubcrawl, Resiliency, room temperature, SAWR dynamic strain sensors, Scalability, sensor connection, sensor stability, Sensors, Strain, strain gauges, strain measurement, strain sensors, structural engineering, Structural health monitoring, surface acoustic wave resonators, surface acoustic wave sensors, temperature 100.0 degC, temperature 1000.0 degC, temperature 25.0 degC, temperature 293.0 K to 298.0 K, temperature 400.0 degC, Temperature sensors, Wireless, Wireless communication, wireless interrogation, Wireless sensor networks, wireless sensor operation, wirelessly interrogated SAWRs
AbstractDynamic strain sensing is necessary for high-temperature harsh-environment applications, including powerplants, oil wells, aerospace, and metal manufacturing. Monitoring dynamic strain is important for structural health monitoring and condition-based maintenance in order to guarantee safety, increase process efficiency, and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Sensing in high-temperature (HT), harsh-environments (HE) comes with challenges including mounting and packaging, sensor stability, and data acquisition and processing. Wireless sensor operation at HT is desirable because it reduces the complexity of the sensor connection, increases reliability, and reduces costs. Surface acoustic wave resonators (SAWRs) are compact, can operate wirelessly and battery-free, and have been shown to operate above 1000degC, making them a potential option for HT HE dynamic strain sensing. This paper presents wirelessly interrogated SAWR dynamic strain sensors operating around 288.8MHz at room temperature and tested up to 400degC. The SAWRs were calibrated with a high-temperature wired commercial strain gauge. The sensors were mounted onto a tapered-type Inconel constant stress beam and the assembly was tested inside a box furnace. The SAWR sensitivity to dynamic strain excitation at 25degC, 100degC, and 400degC was .439 mV/me, 0.363mV/me, and .136 mV/me, respectively. The experimental outcomes verified that inductive coupled wirelessly interrogated SAWRs can be successfully used for dynamic strain sensing up to 400degC.
Citation Keyleff_wireless_2020