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Citrix has reported that its Citrix Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) were hit by a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. ADCs are networking products that allow security and network teams to manage application delivery speed and quality. The Citrix threat advisory reveals that the Citrix ADC Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) network throughput can be overwhelmed by bots or the attacker, potentially exhausting outbound bandwidth. According to Citrix, organizations with limited bandwidth have experienced a greater challenge when dealing with the DDoS attack. The attack has impacted a small number of customers globally. Citrix also says that there are no known Citrix vulnerabilities related to this incident. Security teams are encouraged to keep up to date on attack indicators and continuously monitor their systems. Citrix recommends that security teams monitor outbound traffic volume for anomalies and spikes to determine if an ADC has been hit by this attack. Citrix customers impacted by the DDoS attack should temporarily disable DTLS to stop an attack and eliminate the vulnerability to the attack. This article continues to discuss the recent threat advisory from Citrix about the DDoS attack impacting Citrix ADCs and suggested mitigation techniques for this attack.

SC Media reports "DDoS Attacks Hit Citrix Application Delivery Controllers, Hindering Customer Performance"