Visible to the public LA-ANA based Architecture for Bluetooth Environment

TitleLA-ANA based Architecture for Bluetooth Environment
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsSanjay, K. N., Shaila, K., Venugopal, K. R.
Conference Name2020 Fourth World Conference on Smart Trends in Systems, Security and Sustainability (WorldS4)
Date Publishedjul
Keywordsautonomic network, Autonomic Network Architecture (ANA), Bluetooth, Bluetooth based dynamic environment, Bluetooth environment, bluetooth security, composability, dynamic environment, Fault tolerance, Fault tolerant systems, Human Behavior, LA-ANA based architecture, LACAS, LACAS based wireless sensor network, Mathematical model, multicast communication, multicast packet delivery, multiple sensor node technology, Piconet, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, stochastic model, telecommunication congestion control, Throughput, unicast packet delivery, Wireless Personal Area Network, Wireless sensor networks
AbstractWireless Personal Area Network is widely used in day to day life. It might be a static or dynamic environment. As the density of the nodes increases it becomes difficult to handle the situation. The need of multiple sensor node technology in a desired environment without congestion is required. The use of autonomic network provides one such solution. The autonomicity combines the local automate and address agnostic features that controls the congestion resulting in improved throughput, fault tolerance and also with unicast and multicast packets delivery. The algorithm LA based ANA in a Bluetooth based dynamic environment provide 20% increase in throughput compared with LACAS based Wireless Sensor Network. The LA based ANA leads with 10% lesser fault tolerance levels and extended unicast and multi-cast packet delivery.
Citation Keysanjay_-ana_2020