Visible to the public "'Rogue' Android RAT Can Take Control of Devices, Steal Data"Conflict Detection Enabled

Security researchers at Check Point recently discovered a Mobile Remote Access Trojan (MRAT). According to the researchers, the MRAT dubbed Rogue was developed by known Android malware authors Triangulum and HeXaGoN Dev, who have been selling their malicious products on cybercriminal underground markets for a number of years. The Rogue RAT can hide its icon from the user once it successfully compromises their device and gains all of the required permissions. The user is repeatedly asked for permissions by the malware until they grant them. In addition, the malware registers as a device administrator and threatens to erase all data on the device if the user tries to revoke the malware's administrator permissions. Rogue uses the Firebase platform, a Google service for apps, to hide its malicious intentions and masquerade as a legitimate Google service. This article continues to discuss the development, distribution, and capabilities of the Rogue Android RAT.

Security Week reports "'Rogue' Android RAT Can Take Control of Devices, Steal Data"