Visible to the public "Healthcare Hit by 187 Million Monthly Web App Attacks in 2020"Conflict Detection Enabled

Researchers at Imperva, a security vendor, have discovered that web application attacks in the healthcare sector surged in December. Attacks jumped 51% last month from detected volumes in November. Four specific attack types saw the largest increases: cross-site scripting (XSS) detections jumped 43%; SQL injection attacks surged 44%; protocol manipulation attacks soared 76%; and remote code execution/remote file inclusion detections increased 68% in December. The researchers also found that global healthcare organizations (HCO) experienced 187 million attacks per month on average, which amounts to nearly 500 attacks per HCO each month, a 10% increase year-on-year. The UK, Canada, Brazil, and the US were the top countries targeted in 2020. In just the first three days of 2021, Imperva saw a 43% increase in data leakage.

Infosecurity reports: "Healthcare Hit by 187 Million Monthly Web App Attacks in 2020"