Visible to the public A Study on Analytical Visualization of Deep Web

TitleA Study on Analytical Visualization of Deep Web
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsPark, W.
Conference Name2020 22nd International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT)
Date PublishedFeb. 2020
ISBN Number979-11-88428-04-5
KeywordsAnalysis, Computer crime, crime information visual system, crime management, crime monitoring, Crime Trace, cryptography, dark web, data visualisation, Data visualization, Databases, deep web, deep Web visualization, drugs, Google, Human Behavior, human factors, Internet, Java, pubcrawl, search engines, security, Tors encryption client, unknown dark channels, visualization

Nowadays, there is a flood of data such as naked body photos and child pornography, which is making people bloodless. In addition, people also distribute drugs through unknown dark channels. In particular, most transactions are being made through the Deep Web, the dark path. "Deep Web refers to an encrypted network that is not detected on search engine like Google etc. Users must use Tor to visit sites on the dark web" [4]. In other words, the Dark Web uses Tor's encryption client. Therefore, users can visit multiple sites on the dark Web, but not know the initiator of the site. In this paper, we propose the key idea based on the current status of such crimes and a crime information visual system for Deep Web has been developed. The status of deep web is analyzed and data is visualized using Java. It is expected that the program will help more efficient management and monitoring of crime in unknown web such as deep web, torrent etc.

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