Visible to the public Investigating The Darknet

TitleInvestigating The Darknet
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsZeid, R. B., Moubarak, J., Bassil, C.
Conference Name2020 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (IWCMC)
Date PublishedJune 2020
ISBN Number978-1-7281-3129-0
KeywordsAutomated honeypots, Computer crime, computer security mechanisms, Cybercrime, dark web, darknet, detection, drugs, Forensics, honeypots, Human Behavior, human factors, Internet, Internet users, investigation, Organizations, pubcrawl, Research honeypots, security, Servers, Tools, Virtual machining, World Wide Web criminals

Cybercrime is growing dramatically in the technological world nowadays. World Wide Web criminals exploit the personal information of internet users and use them to their advantage. Unethical users leverage the dark web to buy and sell illegal products or services and sometimes they manage to gain access to classified government information. A number of illegal activities that can be found in the dark web include selling or buying hacking tools, stolen data, digital fraud, terrorists activities, drugs, weapons, and more. The aim of this project is to collect evidence of any malicious activity in the dark web by using computer security mechanisms as traps called honeypots.

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