Visible to the public Encrypted Keyword Search in Cloud Computing using Fuzzy Logic

TitleEncrypted Keyword Search in Cloud Computing using Fuzzy Logic
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsYadav, M. K., Gugal, D., Matkar, S., Waghmare, S.
Conference Name2019 1st International Conference on Innovations in Information and Communication Technology (ICIICT)
Keywordsauthorisation, cloud computing, cloud service providers, complex Boolean queries, cryptography, data confidentiality, data encryption, data protection, encrypted keyword search, Encryption, Fuzzy Cryptography, fuzzy keyword search, Fuzzy Keyword Sets, Fuzzy logic, fuzzy set theory, Indexes, Information management, information management professionals, keyword privacy, keyword safety, Keyword search, Metrics, N-grams, Privacy Preserving Fuzzy Search, pubcrawl, query processing, Resiliency, Scalability, search engines, sensitive information, Servers, user document protection, vital information
AbstractResearch and Development, and information management professionals routinely employ simple keyword searches or more complex Boolean queries when using databases such as PubMed and Ovid and search engines like Google to find the information they need. While satisfying the basic needs of the researcher, basic search is limited which can adversely affect both precision and recall, decreasing productivity and damaging the researchers' ability to discover new insights. The cloud service providers who store user's data may access sensitive information without any proper authority. A basic approach to save the data confidentiality is to encrypt the data. Data encryption also demands the protection of keyword privacy since those usually contain very vital information related to the files. Encryption of keywords protects keyword safety. Fuzzy keyword search enhances system usability by matching the files perfectly or to the nearest possible files against the keywords entered by the user based on similar semantics. Encrypted keyword search in cloud using this logic provides the user, on entering keywords, to receive best possible files in a more secured manner, by protecting the user's documents.
Citation Keyyadav_encrypted_2019