Visible to the public An Image Encryption Schema Based on Hybrid Optimized Chaotic System

TitleAn Image Encryption Schema Based on Hybrid Optimized Chaotic System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsXu, H., Jiang, H.
Conference Name2019 3rd International Conference on Electronic Information Technology and Computer Engineering (EITCE)
Keywords2D logistic chaotic system, chaos, chaotic communication, chaotic cryptography, chaotic image encryption algorithm, compounded chaotic system, Correlation, cryptography, Encryption, henon chaotic system, Henon mapping, Histograms, hybrid optimized chaotic system, Image coding, image cryptosystem, image encryption, image encryption schema, Logistics, Lyapunov exponents, new 2d-logistic chaotic System, optimisation, optimized henon, optimized henon mapping, probability density, pubcrawl, security analysis

The purpose of this paper is to improve the safety of chaotic image encryption algorithm. Firstly, to achieve this goal, it put forward two improved chaotic system logistic and henon, which covered an promoted henon chaotic system with better probability density, and an 2-dimension logistic chaotic system with high Lyapunov exponents. Secondly, the chaotic key stream was generated by the new 2D logistic chaotic system and optimized henon mapping, which mixed in dynamic proportions. The conducted sequence has better randomness and higher safety for image cryptosystem. Thirdly, we proposed algorithm takes advantage of the compounded chaotic system Simulation experiment results and security analysis showed that the proposed scheme was more effective and secure. It can resist various typical attacks, has high security, satisfies the requirements of image encryption theoretical.

Citation Keyxu_image_2019