Visible to the public A Hybrid Secure Keyword Search Scheme in Encrypted Graph for Social Media Database

TitleA Hybrid Secure Keyword Search Scheme in Encrypted Graph for Social Media Database
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsArthy, R., Daniel, E., Maran, T. G., Praveen, M.
Conference Name2020 Fourth International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication (ICCMC)
Keywordsactive attacks, advanced encryption standard algorithm, Attack Graphs, cloud computing, cloud environment, composability, computer network security, confidentiality, cryptography, data privacy, distributed environment, encrypted graph, Encryption, graph, graph encryption, graph generation, graph theory, hybrid secure keyword search scheme, kNK keyword search algorithm, Measurement, nearest neighbor search, nearest neighbour methods, Predictive Metrics, privacy preservation, pubcrawl, query processing, Resiliency, search operation, search process, shortest path algorithm, social media database, social networking (online), top k nearest keyword search algorithm

Privacy preservation is a challenging task with the huge amount of data that are available in social media. The data those are stored in the distributed environment or in cloud environment need to ensure confidentiality to data. In addition, representing the voluminous data is graph will be convenient to perform keyword search. The proposed work initially reads the data corresponding to social media and converts that into a graph. In order to prevent the data from the active attacks Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm is used to perform graph encryption. Later, search operation is done using two algorithms: kNK keyword search algorithm and top k nearest keyword search algorithm. The first scheme is used to fetch all the data corresponding to the keyword. The second scheme is used to fetch the nearest neighbor. This scheme increases the efficiency of the search process. Here shortest path algorithm is used to find the minimum distance. Now, based on the minimum value the results are produced. The proposed algorithm shows high performance for graph generation and searching and moderate performance for graph encryption.

Citation Keyarthy_hybrid_2020