Visible to the public Beyond Trust Building — Calibrating Trust in Visual Analytics

TitleBeyond Trust Building — Calibrating Trust in Visual Analytics
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsHan, W., Schulz, H.-J.
Conference Name2020 IEEE Workshop on TRust and EXpertise in Visual Analytics (TREX)
KeywordsBuildings, calibration, composability, Computing Theory and Trust, concepts and models, concepts and paradigms, Data visualization, HCI theory, Human Behavior, human factors, human trust, human-centered computing, Law, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Task Analysis, Uncertainty, visual analytics, visualization, Visualization design and evaluation methods, Visualization theory
AbstractTrust is a fundamental factor in how users engage in interactions with Visual Analytics (VA) systems. While the importance of building trust to this end has been pointed out in research, the aspect that trust can also be misplaced is largely ignored in VA so far. This position paper addresses this aspect by putting trust calibration in focus – i.e., the process of aligning the user’s trust with the actual trustworthiness of the VA system. To this end, we present the trust continuum in the context of VA, dissect important trust issues in both VA systems and users, as well as discuss possible approaches that can build and calibrate trust.
Citation Keyhan_beyond_2020