Visible to the public Industrial and Home Automation, Control, Safety and Security System using Bolt IoT Platform

TitleIndustrial and Home Automation, Control, Safety and Security System using Bolt IoT Platform
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsRehan, S., Singh, R.
Conference Name2020 International Conference on Smart Electronics and Communication (ICOSEC)
Date Publishedsep
Keywordsalert sub-system, Bolt IoT platform, cloud computing, cloud connectivity, control engineering computing, Fasteners, home automation, home computing, industrial automation, industrial control, industrial control systems, Industries, integrated circuits, Internet of Things, Internet of Things (IoT), learning (artificial intelligence), Local Area Network (LAN), machine learning, machine-learning, Pins, production engineering computing, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Safety, safety systems, Scalability, security, security of data, security subsystem, security system, Sensors, SMS, Temperature control, temperature data, temperature monitoring, Temperature sensors
AbstractThis paper describes a system that comprises of control, safety and security subsystem for industries and homes. The entire system is based on the Bolt IoT platform. Using this system, the user can control the devices such as LEDs, speed of the fan or DC motor, monitor the temperature of the premises with an alert sub-system for critical temperatures through SMS and call, monitor the presence of anyone inside the premises with an alert sub-system about any intrusion through SMS and call. If the system is used specifically in any industry then instead of monitoring the temperature any other physical quantity, which is critical for that industry, can be monitored using suitable sensors. In addition, the cloud connectivity is provided to the system using the Bolt IoT module and temperature data is sent to the cloud where using machine-learning algorithm the future temperature is predicted to avoid any accidents in the future.
Citation Keyrehan_industrial_2020