Visible to the public Mitigating Man-in-the-Middle Attack in Digital Signature

TitleMitigating Man-in-the-Middle Attack in Digital Signature
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsJain, S., Sharma, S., Chandavarkar, B. R.
Conference Name2020 11th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT)
Keywordsauthentication, Conferences, confidentiality, cryptographic key pairs, cryptography, cyber-attacks, digital era, digital signature, digital signatures, digital world, Encryption, integrity, man-in-the-middle attack, message authentication, message integrity, private key cryptography, pubcrawl, Public key, public key cryptography, Resiliency, Scalability, security, sender identity, Signing
AbstractWe all are living in the digital era, where the maximum of the information is available online. The digital world has made the transfer of information easy and provides the basic needs of security like authentication, integrity, nonrepudiation, etc. But, with the improvement in security, cyber-attacks have also increased. Security researchers have provided many techniques to prevent these cyber-attacks; one is a Digital Signature (DS). The digital signature uses cryptographic key pairs (public and private) to provide the message's integrity and verify the sender's identity. The private key used in the digital signature is confidential; if attackers find it by using various techniques, then this can result in an attack. This paper presents a brief introduction about the digital signature and how it is vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack. Further, it discusses a technique to prevent this attack in the digital signature.
Citation Keyjain_mitigating_2020