Visible to the public Design and Implementation of DNA Based Cryptographic Algorithm

TitleDesign and Implementation of DNA Based Cryptographic Algorithm
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsPradeeksha, A. Shirley, Sathyapriya, S. Sridevi
Conference Name2020 5th International Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICDCS)
Date Publishedmar
KeywordsAES-Algorithm, Artix-7 device, biocomputing, Circuits and systems, cryptographic algorithm, cryptography, current security, DNA, DNA based cryptographic algorithm, DNA based S-box, DNA cryptography, Encryption, half cryptographic framework, Human Behavior, pipeline processing, Predictive Metrics, privacy, pubcrawl, Resiliency, S-box, security, Standards
AbstractThe intensity of DNA figuring will reinforce the current security on frameworks by opening up another probability of a half and half cryptographic framework. Here, we are exhibiting the DNA S-box for actualizing cryptographic algorithm. The DNA based S-Box is designed using vivado software and implemented using Artix-7 device. The main aim is to design the DNA based S-box to increase the security. Also pipelining and parallelism techniques are to be implement in future to increase the speed.
Citation Keypradeeksha_design_2020