Visible to the public Information Hiding for Text Files by Adopting the Genetic Algorithm and DNA Coding

TitleInformation Hiding for Text Files by Adopting the Genetic Algorithm and DNA Coding
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsSaleh, A. H., Yousif, A. S., Ahmed, F. Y. H.
Conference Name2020 IEEE 10th Symposium on Computer Applications Industrial Electronics (ISCAIE)
Keywordscryptography, digital media, DNA, DNA coding, DNA cryptography, DNA encoding, Encryption, genetic algorithm, genetic algorithms, hidden data mechanism, Human Behavior, Image coding, image processing, image retrieval, image visual quality, Information hiding, mean square error, MSE, peak single to noise, performance evaluation, Predictive Metrics, privacy, PSNR, pubcrawl, Resiliency, single to noise ratio, SNR, text encoding, text encryption, text file, transposition cipher method, World Wide Web
AbstractHiding information is a process to hide data or include it in different digital media such as image, audio, video, and text. However, there are many techniques to achieve the process of hiding information in the image processing, in this paper, a new method has been proposed for hidden data mechanism (which is a text file), then a transposition cipher method has been employed for encryption completed. It can be used to build an encrypted text and also to increase security against possible attacks while sending it over the World Wide Web. A genetic algorithm has been affected in the adjustment of the encoded text and DNA in the creation of an encrypted text that is difficult to detect and then include in the image and that affected the image visual quality. The proposed method outperforms the state of arts in terms of efficiently retrieving the embedded messages. Performance evaluation has been recorded high visual quality scores for the (SNR (single to noise ratio), PSNR (peak single to noise ratio) and MSE (mean square error).
Citation Keysaleh_information_2020