Visible to the public Key Generation for Zero Steganography Using DNA Sequences

TitleKey Generation for Zero Steganography Using DNA Sequences
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsNisperos, Z. A., Gerardo, B., Hernandez, A.
Conference Name2020 12th International Conference on Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence (ECAI)
Keywordsbinary code representation, Binary codes, Boats, cover image, cryptography, data encapsulation, data hiding, DNA, DNA cryptography, DNA key generation, DNA sequences, flipping operations, Human Behavior, Image coding, Image databases, image representation, image sequences, image synthesis, Information security, key generation algorithm, low cracking probability, object detection, Predictive Metrics, privacy, probability, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Resists, Runtime, security, shifting operations, steganalysis algorithms, steganographic approach, steganography, stego-key generation, zero steganography
AbstractSome of the key challenges in steganography are imperceptibility and resistance to detection of steganalysis algorithms. Zero steganography is an approach to data hiding such that the cover image is not modified. This paper focuses on the generation of stego-key, which is an essential component of this steganographic approach. This approach utilizes DNA sequences and shifting and flipping operations in its binary code representation. Experimental results show that the key generation algorithm has a low cracking probability. The algorithm satisfies the avalanche criterion.
Citation Keynisperos_key_2020