Visible to the public Immutable DNA Sequence Data Transmission for Next Generation Bioinformatics Using Blockchain Technology

TitleImmutable DNA Sequence Data Transmission for Next Generation Bioinformatics Using Blockchain Technology
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsMathur, G., Pandey, A., Goyal, S.
Conference Name2nd International Conference on Data, Engineering and Applications (IDEA)
KeywordsBioinformatics, biology computing, block-chaining technology, blockchain, blockchain technology, cryptography, Data analysis, decentralized, DNA, DNA cryptography, future generation bioinformatics systems, Genetics, genome-sequencing, genomics, Health Care, healthcare, healthcare providers, healthcare user, high throughput DNA sequencing technology, Human Behavior, Immutable, immutable DNA sequence data transmission, medical information systems, open source, Predictive Metrics, privacy, pubcrawl, Resiliency, secure data, secure storage platform, secured substances, securing healthcare data, security, security of data
AbstractIn recent years, there is fast growth in the high throughput DNA sequencing technology, and also there is a reduction in the cost of genome-sequencing, that has led to a advances in the genetic industries. However, the reduction in cost and time required for DNA sequencing there is still an issue of managing such large amount of data. Also, the security and transmission of such huge amount of DNA sequence data is still an issue. The idea is to provide a secure storage platform for future generation bioinformatics systems for both researchers and healthcare user. Secure data sharing strategies, that can permit the healthcare providers along with their secured substances for verifying the accuracy of data, are crucial for ensuring proper medical services. In this paper, it has been surveyed about the applications of blockchain technology for securing healthcare data, where the recorded information is encrypted so that it becomes difficult to penetrate or being removed, as the primary goals of block-chaining technology is to make data immutable.
Citation Keymathur_immutable_2020