Visible to the public Optimal Image Watermark Technique Using Singular Value Decomposition with PCA

TitleOptimal Image Watermark Technique Using Singular Value Decomposition with PCA
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsRana, M. M., Mehedie, A. M. Alam, Abdelhadi, A.
Conference Name2020 22nd International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT)
Keywordsbanknote authentication, Color, compositionality, cyber physical systems, data compression, decomposition, discrete wavelet transformation-singular value decomposition approach, discrete wavelet transforms, Image coding, image compression, image watermarking, intellectual property right, Matrix converters, Matrix decomposition, Metrics, optimum digital image watermark technique, PCA, peak signal-to-noise ratio, principal component analysis, principle component analysis, pubcrawl, singular value decomposition, tracing copyright infringements, Watermarking, wavelet transformation
AbstractImage watermarking is very important phenomenon in modern society where intellectual property right of information is necessary. Considering this impending problem, there are many image watermarking methods exist in the literature each of having some key advantages and disadvantages. After summarising state-of-the-art literature survey, an optimum digital watermark technique using singular value decomposition with principle component analysis (PCA) is proposed and verified. Basically, the host image is compressed using PCA which reduces multi-dimensional data to effective low-dimensional information. In this scheme, the watermark is embedded using the discrete wavelet transformation-singular value decomposition approach. Simulation results show that the proposed method improves the system performance compared with the existing method in terms of the watermark embedding, and extraction time. Therefore, this work is valuable for image watermarking in modern life such as tracing copyright infringements and banknote authentication.
Citation Keyrana_optimal_2020