Visible to the public MARS 2020 landing today in a few hoursConflict Detection Enabled

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Hello folks, As many of you are aware, Perseverance and Ingenuity lands today on Mars (estimated, after 11am PST).

Many of you spent time on the PX4 analogs pf the rover and drone on OpenUAV last summer for the Mars 2020 Soilscope challenge at Jezero Crater. You can check out the activities today out at Jezero crater, at the following links.

1) If you want to see MARS2020 play out in a simulation live (relative to Mars!) today with the stream, you can get it here:
Just released a few days ago for this event
2) This one shows the simulation of what will happen today
(links courtesy Kevin Horton, ASU/JPL)

Please ask us any questions on the landing and we will forward those to Prof. Jim Bell at ASU (involved with MASTCAM-Z on Perseverance)