Visible to the public Randomized Least Frequently Used Cache Replacement Strategy for Named Data Networking

TitleRandomized Least Frequently Used Cache Replacement Strategy for Named Data Networking
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsAlzakari, N., Dris, A. B., Alahmadi, S.
Conference Name2020 3rd International Conference on Computer Applications Information Security (ICCAIS)
KeywordsAbilene network topologies, Cache Replacement Strategy, cache storage, caching algorithms, caching strategy, Computational modeling, computer network, Computer science, content replacement scheme, convergence, delays, Human Behavior, ICN primary features, in-network caching, information-centric networking, Internet, Internet requirements, named data network, named data networking, network performance, network traffic, pubcrawl, Randomized LFU, Resiliency, Scalability, simulation, telecommunication network topology, telecommunication traffic, Time complexity, Tree network topologies, trees (mathematics)
AbstractTo accommodate the rapidly changing Internet requirements, Information-Centric Networking (ICN) was recently introduced as a promising architecture for the future Internet. One of the ICN primary features is `in-network caching'; due to its ability to minimize network traffic and respond faster to users' requests. Therefore, various caching algorithms have been presented that aim to enhance the network performance using different measures, such as cache hit ratio and cache hit distance. Choosing a caching strategy is critical, and an adequate replacement strategy is also required to decide which content should be dropped. Thus, in this paper, we propose a content replacement scheme for ICN, called Randomized LFU that is implemented with respect to content popularity taking the time complexity into account. We use Abilene and Tree network topologies in our simulation models. The proposed replacement achieves encouraging results in terms of the cache hit ratio, inner hit, and hit distance and it outperforms FIFO, LRU, and Random replacement strategies.
Citation Keyalzakari_randomized_2020