Visible to the public Smart e-Health Security and Safety Monitoring with Machine Learning Services

TitleSmart e-Health Security and Safety Monitoring with Machine Learning Services
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsLiu, W., Park, E. K., Krieger, U., Zhu, S. S.
Conference Name2020 29th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN)
Date PublishedAug. 2020
ISBN Number978-1-7281-6607-0
KeywordsAccountability Solution, composability, cryptography, data privacy, Distributed databases, e-health blockchains, EU-GDPR, health and safety, Health Care, healthcare, HIPAA, HITECH, Intelligent Analytics, intelligent monitoring, Keywords- e-Health Blockchain, learning (artificial intelligence), machine learning, machine learning services, medical information systems, Medical services, medical treatment process, Metrics, Monitoring, network accountability, patient monitoring, patient treatment, patient treatment medication safety issues, Privacy Requirements, Protocols, pubcrawl, regional regulations, resilience, Resiliency, Safety, safety monitoring, security monitoring, service providers, smart e-health security, transaction flows, trust health information environment, Trusted Computing

This research provides security and safety extensions to a blockchain based solution whose target is e-health. The Advanced Blockchain platform is extended with intelligent monitoring for security and machine learning for detecting patient treatment medication safety issues. For the reasons of stringent HIPAA, HITECH, EU-GDPR and other regional regulations dictating security, safety and privacy requirements, the e-Health blockchains have to cover mandatory disclosure of violations or enforcements of policies during transaction flows involving healthcare. Our service solution further provides the benefits of resolving the abnormal flows of a medical treatment process, providing accountability of the service providers, enabling a trust health information environment for institutions to handle medication safely, giving patients a better safety guarantee, and enabling the authorities to supervise the security and safety of e-Health blockchains. The capabilities can be generalized to support a uniform smart solution across industry in a variety of blockchain applications.

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