Visible to the public Identification and Assessment of Risks Affecting Sociotechnical Systems Resilience

TitleIdentification and Assessment of Risks Affecting Sociotechnical Systems Resilience
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsSaid, S., Bouloiz, H., Gallab, M.
Conference Name2020 IEEE 6th International Conference on Optimization and Applications (ICOA)
Date Publishedapr
Keywords5×5 matrix, Capacity planning, decision making, Economics, identifying assessing risk factors, Measurement, Planning, pubcrawl, resilience, resilience engineering, Resilience Metrics, resilience planning, Resiliencebased risk matrix, Resiliency, risk assessment, risk Identification, risk management, Robustness, Scalability, sociotechnical systems resilience, work factor metrics
AbstractResilience is regarded nowadays as the ideal solution that can be envisaged by sociotechnical systems for coping with potential threats and crises. This being said, gaining and maintaining this ability is not always easy, given the multitude of risks driving the adverse and challenging events. This paper aims to propose a method consecrated to the assessment of risks directly affecting resilience. This work is conducted within the framework of risk assessment and resilience engineering approaches. A 5×5 matrix, dedicated to the identification and assessment of risk factors that constitute threats to the system resilience, has been elaborated. This matrix consists of two axes, namely, the impact on resilience metrics and the availability and effectiveness of resilience planning. Checklists serving to collect information about these two attributes are established and a case study is undertaken. In this paper, a new method for identifying and assessing risk factors menacing directly the resilience of a given system is presented. The analysis of these risks must be given priority to make the system more resilient to shocks.
Citation Keysaid_identification_2020