Visible to the public Analysis of USB Based Spying Method Using Arduino and Metasploit Framework in Windows Operating System

TitleAnalysis of USB Based Spying Method Using Arduino and Metasploit Framework in Windows Operating System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsFerryansa, Budiono, A., Almaarif, A.
Conference Name2020 3rd International Conference on Computer and Informatics Engineering (IC2IE)
Date Publishedsep
KeywordsArduino, backdoor reverse shell, composability, computer network security, exploitation, Hardware, invasive software, Keyboards, Malware, Metasploit Framework, Metrics, microcontrollers, microphone device, operating system, Operating systems, operating systems (computers), peripheral interfaces, plug and play functionality, powershell, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, reverse shell, reverse shell backdoor, security, Software, spying attacks, Universal Serial Bus, USB attack, USB device, Webcam, Webcams, Windows operating system, Windows Operating System Security

The use of a very wide windows operating system is undeniably also followed by increasing attacks on the operating system. Universal Serial Bus (USB) is one of the mechanisms used by many people with plug and play functionality that is very easy to use, making data transfers fast and easy compared to other hardware. Some research shows that the Windows operating system has weaknesses so that it is often exploited by using various attacks and malware. There are various methods used to exploit the Windows operating system, one of them by using a USB device. By using a USB device, a criminal can plant a backdoor reverse shell to exploit the victim's computer just by connecting the USB device to the victim's computer without being noticed. This research was conducted by planting a reverse shell backdoor through a USB device to exploit the victim's device, especially the webcam and microphone device on the target computer. From 35 experiments that have been carried out, it was found that 83% of spying attacks using USB devices on the Windows operating system were successfully carried out.

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