Visible to the public 19th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2021)Conflict Detection Enabled

"The ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys) is a highly selective, single-track forum for the presentation of research results on systems issues in the area of embedded, networked sensors. Distributed systems based on networked sensors and actuators with embedded computation capabilities allow for an instrumentation of the physical world at an unprecedented scale and density, thus enabling a new generation of monitoring and control applications. SenSys provides a cross-disciplinary venue for researchers addressing the rich space of networked sensor system design issues to interact, present and exchange research results, and demonstrate their work in a hands-on research exhibition."

Topics of interest include security and privacy in networked sensor applications and systems.

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Sun, 11/21/2021 - 12:00am - 12:00pm
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Coimbra, Portugal