Visible to the public Secure Biometric Lock System for Files and Applications: A Review

TitleSecure Biometric Lock System for Files and Applications: A Review
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsIshak, Z., Rajendran, N., Al-Sanjary, O. I., Razali, N. A. Mat
Conference Name2020 16th IEEE International Colloquium on Signal Processing Its Applications (CSPA)
KeywordsAccess Control, authentication, authorisation, biometric encryption, biometric fingerprint sensor, biometric system, biometrics (access control), cryptography, encryption algorithms, Face, finger recognition, fingerprint biometric systems, fingerprint identification, Fingerprint recognition, Fingers, Metrics, multifactor authentication, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Scalability, secure biometric lock system, security system, Software, user access information

A biometric system is a developing innovation which is utilized in different fields like forensics and security system. Finger recognition is the innovation that confirms the personality of an individual which relies upon the way that everybody has unique fingerprints. Fingerprint biometric systems are smaller in size, simple to utilize and have low power. This proposed study focuses on fingerprint biometric systems and how such a system would be implemented. If implemented, this system would have multifactor authentication strategies and improvised features based on encryption algorithms. The scanner that will be used is Biometric Fingerprint Sensor that is connected to system which determines the authorization and access control rights. All user access information is gathered by the system where the administrators can retrieve and analyse the information. This system has function of being up to date with the data changes like displaying the name of the individual for controlling security of the system.

Citation Keyishak_secure_2020