Visible to the public Three-Factor Authentication Scheme Based on Searchable Encryption and Biometric Fingerprint

TitleThree-Factor Authentication Scheme Based on Searchable Encryption and Biometric Fingerprint
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsMihailescu, M. I., Nita, S. Loredana
Conference Name2020 13th International Conference on Communications (COMM)
Date Publishedjun
Keywords3FA, authentication, authorisation, biometric encryption, biometric fingerprint, biometrics, cloud computing, cloud server, cryptography, decryption, encrypted content, Encryption, fingerprint, fingerprint identification, Metrics, mistrust server, multi-factor, pass-code, password, pubcrawl, Resiliency, RSA, Scalability, Searchable encryption, searchable encryption scheme, Servers, Software, Source code analysis, three factor authentication, three-factor authentication scheme, token ID

The current paper is proposing a three-factor authentication (3FA) scheme based on three components. In the first component a token and a password will be generated (this module represents the kernel of the three-factor authentication scheme - 3FA). In the second component a pass-code will be generated, using to the token resulted in the first phase. We will use RSA for encryption and decryption of the generated values (token and pass-code). For the token ID and passcode the user will use his smartphone. The third component uses a searchable encryption scheme, whose purpose is to retrieve the documents of the user from the cloud server, based on a keyword and his/her fingerprint. The documents are stored encrypted on a mistrust server (cloud environment) and searchable encryption will help us to search specific information and to access those documents in an encrypted content. We will introduce also a software simulation developed in C\# 8.0 for our scheme and a source code analysis for the main algorithms.

Citation Keymihailescu_three-factor_2020