Visible to the public Botnet Defense System and Its Basic Strategy Against Malicious Botnet

TitleBotnet Defense System and Its Basic Strategy Against Malicious Botnet
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsYamaguchi, S.
Conference Name2020 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics - Taiwan (ICCE-Taiwan)
Date PublishedSept. 2020
ISBN Number978-1-7281-7399-3
Keywordsagent oriented Petri nets, Analytical models, Botnet, botnet defense system, botnets, composability, cybersecurity system, Grippers, Internet of Things, invasive software, IoT systems, malicious botnet detection, Metrics, Monitoring, Petri nets, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Sensors, Servers, software agents, white-hat botnets, white-hat worms

This paper proposes a basic strategy for Botnet Defense System (BDS). BDS is a cybersecurity system that utilizes white-hat botnets to defend IoT systems against malicious botnets. Once a BDS detects a malicious botnet, it launches white-hat worms in order to drive out the malicious botnet. The proposed strategy aims at the proper use of the worms based on the worms' capability such as lifespan and secondary infectivity. If the worms have high secondary infectivity or a long lifespan, the BDS only has to launch a few worms. Otherwise, it should launch as many worms as possible. The effectiveness of the strategy was confirmed through the simulation evaluation using agent-oriented Petri nets.

Citation Keyyamaguchi_botnet_2020