Visible to the public A Secure Transmission Scheme Based on Efficient Transmission Fountain Code

TitleA Secure Transmission Scheme Based on Efficient Transmission Fountain Code
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsChai, L., Ren, P., Du, Q.
Conference Name2020 IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC)
Keywordschannel coding, Communication system security, composability, data security transmission scheme, Data Transmission, Decoding, eavesdropping, efficient coding scheme, efficient transmission fountain code, encoding, Fountain codes, high efficiency fountain code, intercept probability, legitimate receiver, Metrics, pubcrawl, Receivers, Resiliency, Safe Coding, safe transmission, secure transmission scheme, security, simulation, telecommunication security, transmission efficiency, transmitter transmission efficiency, wireless channels, Wireless communication

Improving the security of data transmission in wireless channels is a key and challenging problem in wireless communication. This paper presents a data security transmission scheme based on high efficiency fountain code. If the legitimate receiver can decode all the original files before the eavesdropper, it can guarantee the safe transmission of the data, so we use the efficient coding scheme of the fountain code to ensure the efficient transmission of the data, and add the feedback mechanism to the transmission of the fountain code so that the coding scheme can be updated dynamically according to the decoding situation of the legitimate receiver. Simulation results show that the scheme has high security and transmitter transmission efficiency in the presence of eavesdropping scenarios.

Citation Keychai_secure_2020