Visible to the public Cooperative Spectrum Sensing and Hard Decision Rules for Cognitive Radio Network

TitleCooperative Spectrum Sensing and Hard Decision Rules for Cognitive Radio Network
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsSalama, G. M., Taha, S. A.
Conference Name2020 3rd International Conference on Computer Applications Information Security (ICCAIS)
KeywordsAWGN channels, Cognitive radio, Cognitive Radio Network, Cognitive Radio Network., Cognitive Radio Security, cooperative communication, Cooperative Sensing, cooperative spectrum sensing, Detectors, energy detection, fading channels, Interference, MATLAB Simulink, mobile computing, multi-access systems, primary users, pubcrawl, radio spectrum management, recycle licensed spectrum, Resiliency, sense signals, signal detection, Signal to noise ratio, Simulink Energy Detection, spectrum hole, spectrum owners, spectrum sensing, spectrum sensing cognitive radio, unlicensed spectrum, unused spectrum, Wireless communication
AbstractCognitive radio is development of wireless communication and mobile computing. Spectrum is a limited source. The licensed spectrum is proposed to be used only by the spectrum owners. Cognitive radio is a new view of the recycle licensed spectrum in an unlicensed manner. The main condition of the cognitive radio network is sensing the spectrum hole. Cognitive radio can be detect unused spectrum. It shares this with no interference to the licensed spectrum. It can be a sense signals. It makes viable communication in the middle of multiple users through co-operation in a self-organized manner. The energy detector method is unseen signal detector because it reject the data of the signal.In this paper, has implemented Simulink Energy Detection of spectrum sensing cognitive radio in a MATLAB Simulink to Exploit spectrum holes and avoid damaging interference to licensed spectrum and unlicensed spectrum. The hidden primary user problem will happened because fading or shadowing. Ithappens when cognitive radio could not be detected by primer users because of its location. Cooperative sensing spectrum sensing is the best-proposed method to solve the hidden problem.
Citation Keysalama_cooperative_2020