Visible to the public Combined Approach to SSDF-Attacks Mitigation in Cognitive Radio Networks

TitleCombined Approach to SSDF-Attacks Mitigation in Cognitive Radio Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsMorozov, M. Y., Perfilov, O. Y., Malyavina, N. V., Teryokhin, R. V., Chernova, I. V.
Conference Name2020 Systems of Signals Generating and Processing in the Field of on Board Communications
Date Publishedmar
Keywordsattacks malicious users, Cognitive radio, cognitive radio networks, Cognitive Radio Security, cognitive radio systems, cooperative communication, cooperative spectrum access, dynamic spectrum management, fusion center, incorrect observations, licensed user, licensed users, pubcrawl, quality of service, radio networks, radio spectrum management, Resiliency, sensor fusion, service degradation, severe quality, signal detection, spectrum scarcity, spectrum sensing data falsification attack, SSDF-attacks mitigation, telecommunication security
AbstractCognitive radio systems aim to solve the issue of spectrum scarcity through implementation of dynamic spectrum management and cooperative spectrum access. However, the structure of such systems introduced unique types of vulnerabilities and attacks, one of which is spectrum sensing data falsification attack (SSDF). In such attacks malicious users provide incorrect observations to the fusion center of the system, which may result in severe quality of service degradation and interference for licensed users. In this paper we investigate this type of attacks and propose a combined approach to their mitigation. On the first step a reputational method is used to isolate the initially untrustworthy nodes, on the second step specialized q-out-of-m fusion rule is utilized to mitigate the remains of attack. In this paper we present theoretical analysis of the proposed combined method.
Citation Keymorozov_combined_2020