Visible to the public Cognitive Radio Networks: Recent Advances in Spectrum Sensing Techniques and Security

TitleCognitive Radio Networks: Recent Advances in Spectrum Sensing Techniques and Security
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsJoykutty, A. M., Baranidharan, B.
Conference Name2020 International Conference on Smart Electronics and Communication (ICOSEC)
KeywordsChannel allocation, Cognitive radio, cognitive radio networks, Cognitive Radio Security, Communication system security, Dynamic Spectrum Allocation, Energy efficiency, pubcrawl, radio networks, radio spectrum management, reinforcement learning, Resiliency, Resource management, Sensors, signal detection, spectrum access, spectrum resources, spectrum sensing, spectrum sensing techniques, telecommunication security, wireless channels, wireless devices, wireless network, wireless networks, wireless nodes, Wireless sensor networks, wireless spectrum
AbstractWireless networks are very significant in the present world owing to their widespread use and its application in domains like disaster management, smart cities, IoT etc. A wireless network is made up of a group of wireless nodes that communicate with each other without using any formal infrastructure. The topology of the wireless network is not fixed and it can vary. The huge increase in the number of wireless devices is a challenge owing to the limited availability of wireless spectrum. Opportunistic spectrum access by Cognitive radio enables the efficient usage of limited spectrum resources. The unused channels assigned to the primary users may go waste in idle time. Cognitive radio systems will sense the unused channel space and assigns it temporarily for secondary users. This paper discusses about the recent trends in the two most important aspects of Cognitive radio namely spectrum sensing and security.
Citation Keyjoykutty_cognitive_2020