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2021 S&CC PI Meeting Lightning Talks

Lightning Talk Sessions:

# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 Lu Su Towards Quality Aware Crowdsourced Road Sensing for Smart Cities 1737590
2 Lillian Ratliff Data-Informed Modeling and Correct-by-Design Control Protocols for Personal Mobility in Intelligent Urban Transportation Systems 1736582
3 Zhi-Li Zhang Leveraging Shared Autonomous Vehicles for Greater Community Health, Equality, Livability, and Prosperity (HELP) 1831140
4 Jerome Lynch Data-Informed Scenario Planning for Mobility Decision Making in Resource Constrained Communities 1831347
5 Vinod Namboodiri CityGuide: Seamless and Inclusive Location-Based Services for Communities 1951864
6 Clinton Andrews Making Micromobility Smarter and Safer (M2S2) 1951890
7 John-Ross Rizzo Transportation Gaps and Disability-Related Unemployment: Smarter Cities and Wearables Combating Commuting Challenges for The Visually Impaired 1952180
8 Khan Iftekharuddin Scalable Modeling and Adaptive Real-time Trust Based Communication 1951745
9 Vanessa Frias-Martinez Inclusive Public Transit Toolkit to Assess Quality of Service Across Socioeconomic Status in Baltimore City 1951924
10 Abhishek Dubey Mobility for all - Harnessing Emerging Transit Solutions for Underserved Communities 1952011
11 Desheng Zhang Socially Informed Services Conflict Governance through Specification, Detection, Resolution and Prevention 1952096
12 Sanjay Ranka Video Based Machine Learning for Smart Traffic Analysis and Management 1922782
13 Michael Hyland Addressing Unprecedented Community-Centered Transportation Infrastructure Needs and Policies for the Mobility Revolution 1952241
14 Ragib Hasan StreetBit: A Bluetooth beacon based System for Alerting Distracted Pedestrians in Urban Environments 1952090
15 Shubham Jain CrossGuard: Enhancing Pedestrian Experience at Intersections 1951789
Community Planning, Education and the Workforce
# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 Shashi Shekhar Connecting the Smart-City Paradigm with a Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Systems Framework to Advance Equity in Communities 1737633
2 Daphney-Stavrou Zois Community on Multimodality: Participatory Action, Service, and Support (COMPASS) 1737443
3 Kimberly Zarecor Overcoming the Rural Data Deficit to Improve Quality of Life and Community Services in Smart & Connected Small Communities 1952007
4 Nichole Pinkard I4all (Interests for All): A Smart Socio-Technical Infrastructure to Identify, Cultivate, and Sustain Youth STEAM Interests in a Diverse Midsized American City 1831685
5 Betsy DiSalvo DataWorks: Building Smart Community Capacity 1951818
6 Haiyi Zhu Empowering and Enhancing Workers Through Building A Community-Centered Gig Economy 1952085
7 Scott Byrd Community Workforce Development through Augmented Reality STEM Learning Experiences 1831427
8 Max Zhang Toward a statewide public Internet of Things (IoT) network 1952063
9 Daniel Kilper A Novel Architecture for Secure Energy Efficient Community-Edge-Clouds with Application in Harlem: SEEC Harlem 1737453
10 Elizabeth Belding PuebloConnect: Expanding Internet Access and Content Relevance in Tribal Communities 1831698
11 Corey Baker Low-cost Smart Cities: Designing Affordable Smart Cities for All Communities 1952181
12 Tanina Rostain Just Connect Us: A Community Oriented Civil Justice Data Commons 1952067
13 Abbie Raikes Smart & Connected Childcare Communities 1952231
14 Brent Never Early Community Intervention for Neighborhood Revitalization Using Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies 1951971
15 Anas Mahmoud Utilizing Sharing Economy to Foster Social Capital and Economic Growth in Baton Rouge 1951411
16 Sheena Erete Cultivating a Smart Equity-Driven Policymaking Infrastructure to Improve Youth Learning Opportunities 1952144
17 Marjorie Zielke Community Integration Platform for Health Science Education of Social Emotional Intelligence through Collaborative Mixed Reality 1952163
18 Shangping Ren Building an Integrative Community Platform to Alleviate the Workforce Aging Crisis 1952225
Health and Wellbeing
# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 Nikil Dutt UNITE: Smart, Connected, and Coordinated Maternal Care for Underserved Communities 1831918
2 Fan Ye Smart Aging: Connecting Communities Using Low-Cost and Secure Sensing Technologies 1951880
3 Kerry Kelly Smart Air: Informing Driver Behavior through Dynamic Sensing and Smart Messaging 1952008
4 Timothy Bickmore Smart and Connected Churches for Promoting Health in Disadvantaged Populations 1831755
5 Natalia Villanueva Rosales Smart Social Connector: An Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Approach to Foster Social Connectedness in Underserved Senior Populations 1952243
6 Shelly Miller Empowering Environmental Justice Communities with Smart and Connected Technology: Air and Noise Pollution, Social Relations and Wellbeing in Times of Disruption 1952223
7 Prathap Ramamurthy Developing technological solutions to improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort in urban communities 1951875
8 Junsong Yuan Towards cybernetic buildings: integrated intelligent sensing to create responsive environments 1951952
9 Shuai Li Toward Disease-Resistant School Communities by Reinventing the Interfaces among Built Environments, Occupants, and Microbiomes 1952140
10 Nicole Ruggiano Planning Live, Sustainable Community Asset Mapping for a Dementia e-Friendly Alabama 1951974
11 Alexandrina Agloro Smart Technologies and Community Engagement to Address Data Gaps in Birth Outcomes Reporting 1951788
12 Andrea Hartzler Building capacity for data-driven physical activity interventions in communities with depression and obesity hotspots 1951378
13 Tracy Hammond Fostering Aging-in-Place and Autonomy in Elderly Persons through Intelligent Tracking 1952236
14 Monica Garfield Improving Service Delivery for the Homeless with Analytics and Process Modeling - Community Engagement and Capacity Building 1951896
15 Morgan Vigil-Hayes SUNRISE: Using Mobile Games in Rural Tribal Communities to Promote Social and Emotional Resilience in Youth 1951911
16 Joshua Garoon Understanding the most effective ways to engage community members in using technology and data as tools for influencing change in Wisconsin 1952022
Water, Energy, and Food
# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 Branko Kerkez Overcoming Social and Technical Barriers for the Broad Adoption of Smart Stormwater Systems 1737432
2 Cayelan Carey Resilient Water Systems: Integrating Environmental Sensor Networks and Real-Time Forecasting to Adaptively Manage Drinking Water Quality and Build Social Trust 1737424
3 Dong Wang Smart Water Crowdsensing: Examining How Innovative Data Analytics and Citizen Science Can Ensure Safe Drinking Water in Rural Versus Suburban Communities 1831669
4 Nalini Venkatasubramanian Creating an Extensible Data Exchange and Analytics Sandbox for Smart Water infrastructures 1952247
5 Asheesh Singh Smart Integrated Farm Network for Rural Agricultural Communities (SIRAC) 1952045
6 Hilary Boudet Smart & Connected Kids for Sustainable Energy Communties 1737565
7 Panagiota Karava Sociotechnical Systems to Enable Smart & Connected Energy-Aware Residential Communities 1737591
8 Peng Zhang Empowering Smart and Connecticut Communities through Programmable Community Microgrids 2018492
9 Tony Reames Reducing Barriers to Residential Energy Security through an Integrated Case-management, Data-driven, Community-based approach 1952038
10 Mladen Kezunovic Advanced Learning for Energy Risk Tracking (ALERT) 1951813
11 Hao Zhu ECET: Empowering Community-centric Electrified Transportation 1952193
12 Robert Orttung Improving Low Income Households' Access to Energy in Washington, D.C. 1951847
13 Brian Bledsoe Smart Septic Strategies: Data Integration to Manage Hidden Infrastructure Threats to Our Homes and Communities 1952183
14 Jejung Lee Developing Food Oases in the Urban Food Deserts with Smart Urban Grower Network 1952013
15 Karen Pellegrin Big Island Drink Smart 1952263
16 Pradeep Kurup Community Based Approach to Address Heavy Metal Contamination in Drinking Water using Cloud-Connected Smart Electrochemical Sensors 1952147
17 Sherif Abdelwahed Sustainable Food Access through Sensing, Data Analytics, and Community Engagement 1952169
18 Ron Metoyer Food Information Networks (FINs):Building data-driven supports for increasing access and healthy food choices in low-income neighborhoods 2021-67022-33447
International Projects and RAPID Awards
# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 Shuza Binzaid Sustainable Energy Bike Lanes with Applications in the City of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2025641
2 Tho Nguyen Distributed Data-Sharing for Fast Response and Decision Support 2026050
3 Kurtis Heimerl Partnering with Grab for Cross-ASEAN 2025022
4 Tam Nguyen Crowd-AI Sensing Based Traffic Analysis for Ho Chi Minh City Planning Simulation 2025234
5 Wangda Zuo & Walid Saad Modernizing Cities via Smart Garden Alleys with Application in Makassar City 2025459
6 Anupam Joshi Bridging the Digital Gap and Identifying Cross-Cultural Pathways for Adoption of IoT Technologies to Support Super-Aging Societies in the U.S. and Japan 1952032
7 Suren Jayasuriya Understanding Heat Resiliency via Physiological, Mental, and Behavioral Health Factors for Indoor and Outdoor Urban Environments 1951928
8 Shu-Ching Chen Multimodal Data Analytics and Integration for Emergency Response and Disaster Management 1952089
9 Miguel Perez Green Mobility for Aging Society 1951850
10 Li Xiong Privacy-enhanced data-driven health monitoring for smart and connected senior communities 1952192
11 Cynthia Chen Socially-integrated Technological Solutions for Real-time Response and Neighborhood Survival After Extreme Events 1951418
12 Abhishek Dubey & Aron Laszka Addressing Transit Accessibility and Public Health Challenges due to COVID-19 2029950
13 Stephen Smith Algorithms and Heuristics for Remote Food Delivery under Social Distancing Constraints 2032262
14 Kelly Clifton Consumer Responses to Household Provisioning During COVID-19 Crisis and Recovery 2030205
15 Foad Hamidi & Andrew Coy Responding to COVID-19 using High-speed Mesh Wireless Community Internet 2030451
16 Quanyan Zhu Effective Resource Planning and Disbursement during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2027884
17 Philip Paré & Raphael Stern Using Data to Understand the Effects of Transportation on the Spread of COVID-19 as a Propagator and a Control Mechanism 2028738
Disaster Resilience and Emergency Management
# Principal Investigator Award Title Award #
1 Mariya Zheleva ntegrating Heterogeneous Wide-Area Networks and Advanced Data Science to Bridge the Digital Divide in Rural Emergency Preparedness and Response 1831547
2 Robert Lempert Landslide Risk Management in Remote Communities: Integrating Geoscience, Data Science and Social Science in Local Context 1831770
3 Mikhail Chester Community-Based Automated Information for Urban Flooding 1831475
4 Yue Ge Leveraging Smart Technologies and Managing Community Resilience through Networked Communities and Cross-Sector Partnerships 1952792
5 Katherine Lieberknecht Integrating Information Flows and Supporting Communities as Decision-Makers in Response to Acute and Chronic Stressors 1952196
6 George Mohler Real-Time Algorithms and Software Systems for Heterogeneous Data Driven Policing of Social Harm 1737585
7 Hamed Tabkhi Building Safe and Secure Communities through Real-Time Edge Video Analytics 1831795
8 Marc Berman Understanding the Impact of Social and Physical Environment Factors on Crime Using Urban Sensing and Machine-Learning 1952050
9 José Fortes Coordinated Safety Management Across Smart Communities 1951816
10 Daniel Balasubramanian Improving Community and Neighborhood Safety through Open Data Collection 1952029
11 Edwin Yaz Safety and Security of College Campuses and their Adjacent CommunitiesYaz 1952102
12 Jessica Kropczynski Help by Any Means: Sociotechnical Protocols for Multimedia Requests for Assistance to Next-Generation 911 Services 1951917
13 Farshid Vahedifard Reducing the Vulnerability of Disadvantaged Communities to the Impacts of Cascading Hazards under a Changing Climate 1951636
14 Ravi Srinivasan Flood Hazard Management & Practitioner Information Network for Florida Coastal Communities 1951997
15 Meredith McClure Co-designing AI-Driven Fire Preparedness Assessment Tools to Meet Community Needs in the Wildland-Urban Interface. 1952719
16 Hyung Jin Kim Pilot Study and Workshop For Enhancing Rural-to-Urban Disaster Resilience by Integrating Social, Spatial and Digital Networks 1952206
17 Jamie Padgett Toward Smart Resilience: Smart Systems for Situational Awareness of Flood Impacts and Transportation Access (SSSAFT) in Communities 1951821