Visible to the public Integrity Auditing with Attribute based ECMRSA Algorithm for Cloud Data Outsourcing

TitleIntegrity Auditing with Attribute based ECMRSA Algorithm for Cloud Data Outsourcing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsYogita, Gupta, N. Kumar
Conference Name2020 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS)
Keywordsabe, cloud computing, compositionality, cryptography, data auditing, data integrity, data sharing, Databases, encryption audits, outsourcing, Predictive Metrics, Protocols, pubcrawl, Resiliency, security, Servers
AbstractCloud computing is a vast area within which large amounts of data are exchanged through cloud services and has fully grown with its on-demand technology. Due to these versatile cloud services, sensitive data will be stored on cloud storage servers and it is also used to dynamically control a number of problems: security, privacy, data privacy, data sharing, and integrity across cloud servers. Moreover, the legitimacy and control of data access should be maintained in this extended environment. So, one of the most important concepts of cryptographic techniques in cloud computing environment is Attribute Based Encryption (ABE). In this research work, data auditing or integrity checking is considered as an area of concern for securing th cloud storage. In data auditing approach, an auditor inspects and verifies the data file integrity without having any knowledge about the content of file and sends the verification report to the data owner. In this research, Elliptical Curve Modified RSA (ECMRSA) is proposed along with Modified MD5 algorithm which is used for attribute-based cloud data integrity verification, in which data user or owner uploads their encrypted data files at cloud data server and send the auditing request to the Third-Party Auditor (TPA) for verification of their data files. The Third-Party Auditor (TPA) challenges the data server for ensuring the integrity of data files on behalf of the data owners. After verification of integrity of data file auditor sends the audit report to the owner. The proposed algorithm integrates the auditing scheme with public key encryption with homomorphic algorithm which generates digital signature or hash values of data files on encrypted files. The result analysis is performed on time complexity by evaluating encryption time, GenProof time and VerifyProof Time and achieved improvement in resolving time complexity as compared to existing techiques.
Citation Keyyogita_integrity_2020