Visible to the public An Improvement of Apriori Mining Algorithm using Linked List Based Hash Table

TitleAn Improvement of Apriori Mining Algorithm using Linked List Based Hash Table
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsMar, Z., Oo, K. K.
Conference Name2020 International Conference on Advanced Information Technologies (ICAIT)
Keywordsapriori, apriori mining algorithm, association rules, Classification algorithms, Clustering algorithms, compositionality, data mining, database management systems, Databases, find frequent item sets, frequent 1-item sets counts, Frequent item sets, hash algorithms, hash table, important algorithms, Improved, improved apriori algorithm, Itemsets, linked list, LinkedList, memory space, Organizations, pubcrawl, Random access memory, Resiliency
AbstractToday, the huge amount of data was using in organizations around the world. This huge amount of data needs to process so that we can acquire useful information. Consequently, a number of industry enterprises discovered great information from shopper purchases found in any respect times. In data mining, the most important algorithms for find frequent item sets from large database is Apriori algorithm and discover the knowledge using the association rule. Apriori algorithm was wasted times for scanning the whole database and searching the frequent item sets and inefficient of memory requirement when large numbers of transactions are in consideration. The improved Apriori algorithm is adding and calculating third threshold may increase the overhead. So, in the aims of proposed research, Improved Apriori algorithm with LinkedList and hash tabled is used to mine frequent item sets from the transaction large amount of database. This method includes database is scanning with Improved Apriori algorithm and frequent 1-item sets counts with using the hash table. Then, in the linked list saved the next frequent item sets and scanning the database. The hash table used to produce the frequent 2-item sets Therefore, the database scans the only two times and necessary less processing time and memory space.
Citation Keymar_improvement_2020