Visible to the public Tree-Chain: A Fast Lightweight Consensus Algorithm for IoT Applications

TitleTree-Chain: A Fast Lightweight Consensus Algorithm for IoT Applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsDorri, A., Jurdak, R.
Conference Name2020 IEEE 45th Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN)
Date Publishednov
Keywordsblockchain, compositionality, computationally expensive validator selection, Consensus algorithm, consensus code, cryptography, delays, fast lightweight consensus algorithm, hash algorithms, hash function output, Hash functions, high transaction delays, Internet of Things, Internet of Things (IoT), IoT applications, nonmonetary applications, parallel chain branches, pubcrawl, Public key, Resiliency, scalable fast blockchain instantiation, security, Throughput, tree-chain, trees (mathematics), unique ledger
AbstractBlockchain has received tremendous attention in non-monetary applications including the Internet of Things (IoT) due to its salient features including decentralization, security, auditability, and anonymity. Most conventional blockchains rely on computationally expensive validator selection and consensus algorithms, have limited throughput, and high transaction delays. In this paper, we propose tree-chain a scalable fast blockchain instantiation that introduces two levels of randomization among the validators: i) transaction level where the validator of each transaction is selected randomly based on the most significant characters of the hash function output (known as consensus code), and ii) blockchain level where validator is randomly allocated to a particular consensus code based on the hash of their public key. Tree-chain introduces parallel chain branches where each validator commits the corresponding transactions in a unique ledger.
Citation Keydorri_tree-chain_2020