Visible to the public On a Deterministic Approach to Solving Industrial Control System Problems

TitleOn a Deterministic Approach to Solving Industrial Control System Problems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBaybulatov, A. A., Promyslov, V. G.
Conference Name2020 International Russian Automation Conference (RusAutoCon)
Date PublishedSept. 2020
ISBN Number978-1-7281-6130-3
KeywordsAutomation, backlog, Calculus, control engineering computing, Control System, critical infrastructures, cybersecurity, database updating, delay, delays, deterministic queuing systems network calculus, digital control system problems, Human Behavior, human factors, industrial control, industrial control systems, Local area networks, Mathematical model, Network calculus, network performance measures, production engineering computing, pubcrawl, Queueing analysis, queueing theory, queuing theory, security, signal transmission

Since remote ages, queues and delays have been a rather exasperating reality of human daily life. Today, they pursue us everywhere: in technical, social, socio-technical, and even control systems, dramatically deteriorating their performance. In this variety, it is the computer systems that are sure to cause the growing anxiety in our digital era. Although for our everyday Internet surfing, experiencing long-lasting and annoying delays is an unpleasant but not dangerous situation, for industrial control systems, especially those dealing with critical infrastructures, such behavior is unacceptable. The article presents a deterministic approach to solving some digital control system problems associated with delays and backlogs. Being based on Network calculus, in contrast to statistical methods of Queuing theory, it provides worst-case results, which are eminently desirable for critical infrastructures. The article covers the basics of a theory of deterministic queuing systems Network calculus, its evolution regarding the relationship between backlog bound and delay, and a technique for handling empirical data. The problems being solved by the deterministic approach: standard calculation of network performance measures, estimation of database maximum updating time, and cybersecurity assessment including such issues as the CIA triad representation, operational technology influence, and availability understanding focusing on its correlation with a delay are thoroughly discussed as well.

Citation Keybaybulatov_deterministic_2020