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IBM Security researchers in a new study discovered that organizations in the financial and insurance sectors were the most targeted by threat actors in 2020. Manufacturing and energy became the second and third most targeted industries last year, respectively. Retail and professional services rounded up the top five most targeted sectors. The researchers also found that ransomware was the most popular attack method in 2020, with a market share of roughly 23%. IBM estimates that 36% of the public breaches in 2020 were ransomware-related data leaks. The researchers also found that data theft attacks went up 160% compared to 2019 but accounted for only 13% of the overall incidents in 2020. Server access came in third at 10%, marking a 233% increase year-over-year, while Business Email Compromise (BEC) dropped to the fourth position with a 9% market share (a drop from 14% in 2019).

Security Week reports: "Financial Sector Remains Most Targeted by Threat Actors: IBM"