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Personal information belonging to more than 500 million users from 106 countries has leaked online. The leaked data set includes names, birth dates, and phone numbers. Alon Gal, the CTO of cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock, first discovered the data being shared among hackers in January. According to Facebook spokesperson Liz Bourgeois, the data is from an old leak that was reported in 2019, and the issue that led to the breach was fixed in August 2019. However, the data remains valuable to identity thieves and other fraudsters. Malicious actors will use this information to carry out social engineering attacks, scams, hacks, and more. This article continues to discuss findings surrounding the data breach involving over 500 million Facebook users' personal information and other privacy and security incidents faced by the social networking giant over the years.

CNET reports "Facebook Data for Over 500M Users Reportedly Leaks Online"