Visible to the public Ultimate Secrecy in Cooperative and Multi-hop Wireless Communications

TitleUltimate Secrecy in Cooperative and Multi-hop Wireless Communications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsEkşim, A., Demirci, T.
Conference Name2020 XXXIIIrd General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science
KeywordsAttenuation, Bandwidth, channel capacity, chip-to-chip communications, communication channel, communication secrecy, communication security, compositionality, cooperative communication, cooperative wireless communications, frequency 550.0 GHz to 565.0 GHz, frequency reuse, in-device communication systems, indoor communication systems, Information Reuse and Security, millimetre wave communication, multihop channel measurements, point-to-point channel, pubcrawl, radio transmitters, Receivers, Relays, Resiliency, security, short-range wireless communication systems, telecommunication security, ultimate secrecy ranges, wireless channels
AbstractIn this work, communication secrecy in cooperative and multi-hop wireless communications for various radio frequencies are examined. Attenuation lines and ranges of both detection and ultimate secrecy regions were calculated for cooperative communication channel and multi-hop channel with various number of hops. From results, frequency ranges with the highest potential to apply bandwidth saving method known as frequency reuse were determined and compared to point-to-point channel. Frequencies with the highest attenuation were derived and their ranges of both detection and ultimate secrecy are calculated. Point-to-point, cooperative and multi-hop channels were compared in terms of ultimate secrecy ranges. Multi-hop channel measurements were made with different number of hops and the relation between the number of hops and communication security is examined. Ultimate secrecy ranges were calculated up to 1 Terahertz and found to be less than 13 meters between 550-565 GHz frequency range. Therefore, for short-range wireless communication systems such as indoor and in-device communication systems (board-to-board or chip-to-chip communications), it is shown that various bands in the Terahertz band can be used to reuse the same frequency in different locations to obtain high security and high bandwidth.
Citation Keyeksim_ultimate_2020