Visible to the public Cryptography with information theoretic security

TitleCryptography with information theoretic security
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsImai, H., Hanaoka, G., Shikata, J., Otsuka, A., Nascimento, A. C.
Conference NameProceedings of the IEEE Information Theory Workshop
Date Publishedoct
KeywordsComputer graphics, cryptography, cryptosystems, digital signatures, Human Behavior, Information security, information theoretic security, Information theory, long-term security, Metrics, policy-based governance, power system security, Protocols, pubcrawl, quantum computing, Resiliency, Scalability, trusted initializer model, unconditionally secure schemes
AbstractSummary form only given. We discuss information-theoretic methods to prove the security of cryptosystems. We study what is called, unconditionally secure (or information-theoretically secure) cryptographic schemes in search for a system that can provide long-term security and that does not impose limits on the adversary's computational power.
Citation Keyimai_cryptography_2002