Visible to the public Minimal Information Exchange for Secure Image Hash-Based Geometric Transformations Estimation

TitleMinimal Information Exchange for Secure Image Hash-Based Geometric Transformations Estimation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsGuerrini, F., Dalai, M., Leonardi, R.
JournalIEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security
KeywordsBandwidth, central server, computational complexity, cryptography, decoder estimate, distributed source coding, distributed source coding perspective, Forensics, Fourier-Mellin transform, hash security, Human Behavior, Image coding, image hashing, image registration, information forensics, Information security, Metrics, minimal hash size, minimal information exchange, phase encoding framework, Phase spectrum, pubcrawl, reference image, resilience, Resiliency, rigid image registration, rigid image registration technique, Scalability, secure communication, secure image hash-based geometric transformations estimation, secure transmission, signal processing applications, source coding, transformation parameters
AbstractSignal processing applications dealing with secure transmission are enjoying increasing attention lately. This paper provides some theoretical insights as well as a practical solution for transmitting a hash of an image to a central server to be compared with a reference image. The proposed solution employs a rigid image registration technique viewed in a distributed source coding perspective. In essence, it embodies a phase encoding framework to let the decoder estimate the transformation parameters using a very modest amount of information about the original image. The problem is first cast in an ideal setting and then it is solved in a realistic scenario, giving more prominence to low computational complexity in both the transmitter and receiver, minimal hash size, and hash security. Satisfactory experimental results are reported on a standard images set.
Citation Keyguerrini_minimal_2020