Visible to the public Cost-efficient Integration Process Placement in Multiclouds

TitleCost-efficient Integration Process Placement in Multiclouds
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsRitter, D.
Conference Name2020 IEEE 24th International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC)
KeywordsApplication Integration, Containers, contracts, Cost efficient, Integration Patterns, Multicloud, Pattern matching, predictability, Process Placement, pubcrawl, Random access memory, Resiliency, Routing, Runtime, Scalability, security, Security Heuristics
AbstractIntegration as a service (INTaaS) is the centrepiece of current corporate, cloud and device integration processes. Thereby, compositions of integration patterns denote the required integration logic as integration processes, currently running in single-clouds. While multicloud settings gain importance, their promised freedom of selecting the best option for a specific problem is currently not realized as well as security constraints are handled in a cost-intensive manner for the INTaaS vendors, leading to security vs. costs goal conflicts.In this work, we propose a design-time placement for processes in multiclouds that is cost-optimal for the INTaaS vendors, and respects configurable security constraints of their customers. To make the solution tractable for larger, productive INTaaS processes, it is relaxed using local search heuristics. The approach is evaluated on real-world integration processes with respect to cost- and runtime-efficiency, and discusses interesting trade-offs.
Citation Keyritter_cost-efficient_2020