Visible to the public Cybersecurity and Data Privacy in the Cloudlet for Preliminary Healthcare Big Data Analytics

TitleCybersecurity and Data Privacy in the Cloudlet for Preliminary Healthcare Big Data Analytics
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsJavid, T., Faris, M., Beenish, H., Fahad, M.
Conference Name2020 International Conference on Computing and Information Technology (ICCIT-1441)
Date PublishedSept. 2020
ISBN Number978-1-7281-2680-7
KeywordsBig Data, big data security in the cloud, cloud, cloud computing, cloudlet, computer security, cybersecurity and data privacy, data privacy, Industries, medical big data analytics, Medical services, mobile edge cloud, Mobile handsets, pubcrawl, security, wireless biosensor network, wireless body area network

In cyber physical systems, cybersecurity and data privacy are among most critical considerations when dealing with communications, processing, and storage of data. Geospatial data and medical data are examples of big data that require seamless integration with computational algorithms as outlined in Industry 4.0 towards adoption of fourth industrial revolution. Healthcare Industry 4.0 is an application of the design principles of Industry 4.0 to the medical domain. Mobile applications are now widely used to accomplish important business functions in almost all industries. These mobile devices, however, are resource poor and proved insufficient for many important medical applications. Resource rich cloud services are used to augment poor mobile device resources for data and compute intensive applications in the mobile cloud computing paradigm. However, the performance of cloud services is undesirable for data-intensive, latency-sensitive mobile applications due increased hop count between the mobile device and the cloud server. Cloudlets are virtual machines hosted in server placed nearby the mobile device and offer an attractive alternative to the mobile cloud computing in the form of mobile edge computing. This paper outlines cybersecurity and data privacy aspects for communications of measured patient data from wearable wireless biosensors to nearby cloudlet host server in order to facilitate the cloudlet based preliminary and essential complex analytics for the medical big data.

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