Visible to the public Quantifying Security and Performance of Physical Unclonable Functions

TitleQuantifying Security and Performance of Physical Unclonable Functions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsZerrouki, F., Ouchani, S., Bouarfa, H.
Conference Name2020 7th International Conference on Internet of Things: Systems, Management and Security (IOTSMS)
Date PublishedDec. 2020
ISBN Number978-0-7381-2460-5
Keywordscryptography, Entropy, Hardware, Hashing Function, Integrated circuit modeling, Measurement, Metrics, Object recognition, Performance, physical unclonable function, Physical Uncloneable Function, pubcrawl, security, security metrics, similarity, Tools

Physical Unclonable Function is an innovative hardware security primitives that exploit the physical characteristics of a physical object to generate a unique identifier, which play the role of the object's fingerprint. Silicon PUF, a popular type of PUFs, exploits the variation in the manufacturing process of integrated circuits (ICs). It needs an input called challenge to generate the response as an output. In addition, of classical attacks, PUFs are vulnerable to physical and modeling attacks. The performance of the PUFs is measured by several metrics like reliability, uniqueness and uniformity. So as an evidence, the main goal is to provide a complete tool that checks the strength and quantifies the performance of a given physical unconscionable function. This paper provides a tool and develops a set of metrics that can achieve safely the proposed goal.

Citation Keyzerrouki_quantifying_2020