Visible to the public Raspberry Pi Based Smart Wearable Device for Women Safety using GPS and GSM Technology

TitleRaspberry Pi Based Smart Wearable Device for Women Safety using GPS and GSM Technology
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsSunehra, Dhiraj, Sreshta, V. Sai, Shashank, V., Kumar Goud, B. Uday
Conference Name2020 IEEE International Conference for Innovation in Technology (INOCON)
KeywordsE-mail alert, Global Positioning System, GPS, GSM, Human Behavior, IoT, Metrics, privacy, pubcrawl, Raspberry Pi3, resilience, Resiliency, Safety, Satellites, Scalability, security, Universal Serial Bus, wearable computers, wearables security
AbstractSecurity has become a major concern for women, children and even elders in every walk of their life. Women are getting assaulted and molested, children are getting kidnapped, elder citizens are also facing many problems like robbery, etc. In this paper, a smart security solution called smart wearable device system is implemented using the Raspberry Pi3 for enhancing the safety and security of women/children. It works as an alert as well as a security system. It provides a buzzer alert alert to the people who are nearby to the user (wearing the smart device). The system uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate the user, sends the location of the user through SMS to the emergency contact and police using the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) / General Radio Packet Service (GPRS) technology. The device also captures the image of the assault and surroundings of the user or victim using USB Web Camera interfaced to the device and sends it as an E-mail alert to the emergency contact soon after the user presses the panic button present on Smart wearable device system.
Citation Keysunehra_raspberry_2020